Gujarat Aviation Conclave 2017

Gujarat Aviation Conclave will bring together the key stakeholders in the aviation industry to discuss & deliberate on potential business opportunities in the Aviation sector. The Conclave will delve into the latest trends in regional and global aviation environment, and it will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the emerging trends & future projections in the sector. Gujarat Aviation Conclave is a must-attend for any company with an exposure to Indian aviation.
At Gujarat Aviation Conclave - airlines, MROs, suppliers, OEMs, regulators and industry experts will converge to exchange ideas and best practices, share experiences, debate issues and challenges and gather knowledge.
The Conference will offer unparalleled networking opportunity and will be and ideal avenue to forge new partnerships and cement existing relationships.

People you will meet at Gujarat Aviation Conclave 2017

  • Airlines, OEMs, MRO Service Providers, Leasing Companies, Aviation Authorities and Regulators
  • All Suppliers to the Industry, Including: AIT, Logistics, Technology, Interiors, Airframe, Engine, Components, Personnel, Consultants, Training, Equipment etc.
  • Professional of: Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance, Aftermarket and MRO Solutions, Fleet Management, Line and Heavy Maintenance, Component and Engine Maintenance, Technology and Product Development, Supply Chain Management , Parts Manufacturing, Materials and Resources, CAMO Manager.